20 years of security experience

Take Personal Charge of Your Security

Take Personal Charge of Your Security

You're in control with DIY installation

When you choose monitored 24/7 home security from Safe And Sound Home Security, you can rest easy knowing you're getting top-quality protection for a fair price. We cut out the middlemen by providing the custom-built equipment and giving you control of installation. The equipment package is always free-you'll only have to pay a monthly monitoring fee, which won't increase over time.

Our triple-redundant monitoring stations around the country help keep your family safe night and day.

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Unlike other big DIY security companies

Zero upfront costs

Safe and Sound provides a complete security system including a motion detector, glassbreak detector, the ability for video surveillance and home automation, and up to 14 door/window sensors. Not to mention that our program does not require you to BUY the system. All 4 of our equipment packages cost $0 upfront.

You will not have to read any complicated instructions. We will be on the phone with you, taking you step by step trough the installation process. Your security system comes pre-programmed with all of the sensors you have chosen in your package.

How does our process help you save?

How does our process help you save?

Choosing monitored home security and installing your own system saves you money by:

  • Avoiding labor costs.
  • Allowing you to pay for only the features you need.
  • Making sure the system is installed the way you want it.

A monitored home is a well-protected home. Call 307-258-9483 to take control of your home or business security plan.